If By Now

by Blue Blue Satellite

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This is part of a digital project where I release one track per month or so, starting October 2014, along with an accompanying feature on bluebluesatellite.com


released October 7, 2014

Producer: Dean Watson, Gallery Studio, Ottawa, Canada


all rights reserved



Blue Blue Satellite Ottawa, Ontario

Elegant alternative folk-pop in the tradition of Nick Drake, Damien Rice and Mojave 3. Contemplative lyrics and strong songwriting merged with lush, yet simple production and arrangements. Music that's reflective and melancholy but never depressing and always with a tinge of hopefulness. ... more

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Track Name: Annabella
Is it crazy Annabella that I look back now and smile
at the day my heart was broken, even though it took me awhile
But broken's just a word the poets like to use when they've been hurt
To hell with them and all their drama, because life is ours to assert

Sick and tired of these games
Quicksand mired ball and chain
We live and learn and we reduce the tension
I guess that's why they call it a "lesson"

There are the days to sit and ponder
But these are the days to live and wander
These are the days of wine and roses
These are the days I finally notice that Annabella now we're cool

I've got a funny feeling Annabella that we won't meet ever again
but if the fates should re-align, then our tale will have a happy end
So is it crazy Annabella that I fell deep into the trap
set out back the broken hearted, but now I'm running round the victory lap
Track Name: Come Together Boys!
Come together boys! Join the battle boys! Horses saddled boys! Hear the battle noise! / We're defined by the way the way that we stand and we fall / Compromise catches up to the best of us all / twist the knife while my back's to the wall / scales fell from my eyes as I looked to the skies / I was frightened no more of the fear / and these are the songs that I hear

Come together boys! Join the battle boys! Horses saddled boys! Hear the battle noise!

Life is pain but the question is who is to blame / it's the name that you call to or curse or profane / so today I will not be afraid of a change / surely you'll understand when the race reaches end / and the Man of all Sorrows appears / to shed one last sorrowful tear

Come together boys! Join the battle boys! Horses saddled boys! Hear the battle noise!
Track Name: Until
Until I sleep / I'll drift, I'll dream / Tonight I will / and wait until / Until I wake / I'll dream, I'll ache / No movement still / and wait until
Track Name: Victory
Is this how the mighty roar? Is this what we're fighting for?
Is this how the dream will end before it reaches shore?
Is this the clue I'd old? Or is this just fool's gold?
Is this how the gamblin' man knows that it's time to fold?

They said it had already been done, they said it was a million to one
They said it was Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun

So count all the stars in the sky, count all the scars on my pride
Count all the moments I've lived through all the roads that I've tried

For every single couldn't, well I can
And every single shouldn't, makes me what I am


Remember Travelling Riverside? Remember the Northern Sky?
Remember in "music" the U comes before the I

So if it turns out I was wrong, well I'll keep a-travelling on
And maybe someday somewhere someone will hum my song

And I will sing along


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